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Take a Hike: Ascent Trail in Whistler


For those looking for a trail that offers a kick-butt workout (one section of the trail is literally named Heart Burn) and beautiful scenery, the Ascent Trail in Whistler, Canada is recommended. 

The trail starts at the base of Blackcomb Mountain and 3 and a half hours later, ends at the top of the mountain. You'll notice that the trail is parallel to the ski slopes but the trail itself is covered in forests. You'll be so enveloped by nature that you'll soon forget that you're so close to civilization. You'll find bridges, creeks, moss and stunning views!

Typically hikers will hike to the top and then pay to take the chairlift down. If you do that you'll need to purchase a ticket from Guest Services prior to hiking.

The Ascent Trail has three sections:

  • Little Burn (Distance: 700m/Elevation: 64m)

  • Big Burn (Distance: 2.2km/Elevation: 478m)

  • Heart Burn (Distance: 3.0km/Elevation: 608m)