An Elegy for Jeremy Lindsay

An Elegy for Jeremy Lindsay



In a Vegas hotel room you lit a Marlborough Light,

a photographic sight.

Your opaque lies caught my skirt, a flirt.

You safety pin your buttoned shirt

(your silky blue comfort) and say

"Smile! We are in our Element" ... of future solace.


I see your swollen hands & blackened bruises, kicks

on your forehead. Comatose bricks

weigh down the unconscious corridors of your fleeting mind

while swirling dreams of day, of time ... go by.


Your death is adorned in jewels and embalmed in heresy.

I lie drenched in pools of sage

And yet I write these words & sentences, and they,

these eulogies are capricious

and are lost in my plea's. Bloodthirsty for the answers...


of your Murder.


2004. By Jessica Rae Cortez.

Jessica Cortez