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NAMM: Website, Issues & Advocacy

The NAMM Foundation: Website

The NAMM Foundation: Blog

Velzy & Reed Photography: Blog

Velzy & Reed Photography: Website


The Owl Mag. Album Review. “Meyrin Fields” by Broken Bells

The Owl Mag. Live Review. San Diego IndieFest 7

The Owl Mag. Album Review, “Two Tired Hearts” 

The Owl Mag. Album Review. Exray’s

The Owl Mag. Album Review. “Little Me Will Start A Storm” by Loch Lomond

The Owl Mag. Album Review. “Matilda” by Stateless

The Owl Mag. Album Review. "Brunswick Street Demos" by The Old Glorys

The Owl Mag. Album Review. “England’s Bleeding” by Robinson

The Owl Mag. Album Review. Lujo Records 2011 Sampler


Christian Youth Theater Inc.: Blog


DiscoverSD. Beauty Bar

DiscoverSD. The Electric Chair

DiscoverSD. Bellegance Salon

DiscoverSD. Pilates Sans Mats at The Boxing Club

DiscoverSD. Pixie Salon

DiscoverSD. Hip Hair Asks: Pabst Blue Ribbon or Bumble & Bumble?

DiscoverSD. San Diego Ivy Hotel

DiscoverSD. SD Hard Rock Spa

DiscoverSD. The Keating Hotel

DiscoverSD. The Sheraton Suites San Diego at Symphony Hall

DiscoverSD. The Sheraton La Jolla Hotel


San Diego CityBEAT. The Official Button Guy of San Diego

San Diego CityBEAT. Best of SD 2007. Best upscale neighborhood in which to find Jesus

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San Diego CityBEAT. Best of SD 2007. Best clothes for hip kids

San Diego CityBEAT. Best of SD 2007. Best spot to pretend you’re famous

San Diego CityBEAT. Tracker Gives Voice to Graphic Novel

San Diego CityBEAT. Album Review. Lindsey Cook

JazzReview. Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of Rock "n" Roll by Rick Coleman

JazzReview. Steve Lacy: Conversations by Jason Weiss

JazzReview. Mojo Priest by Steven Seagal & Thunderbox

JazzReview. Energized - Live in Europe by Bernard Allison

JazzReview. Ways Not To Lose by The Wood Brothers

JazzReview. Antones House of the Blues by Antone's House of the Blues

JazzReview. The Soul Dances by World Beat

JazzReview. Hootie Blues by Jay McShann

JazzReview. Jasmine by Wajdi Cherif

JazzReview. for J.G. by Kenichi Tsunoda Big Band


San Diego CityBEAT.  Album Review. The Rocking Horse Winner

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San Diego CityBEAT. Album Review. Centro-Matic